She betrayed Ronan. He’s coming back for her. And when he does… (x)

Lol one of the best ones

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A thousand thoughts goes on in my mind when I’m sad but I cant truly express them into words when people asked me about it. All I can say is “I’m fine, it’s nothing important.”

Honestly, I’ve been feeling really sad, but its not to a point where I’m depressed however its fairly close. It felt like as I am becoming someone I’m meant to be, people tries to break down my wall and attack my flaws. I can’t even say the things I want anymore because I’m afraid that they will try to put me down whether their opinion is more important than mine or they just want to make me sound dumb. Its fucking sad that I can no longer speak my mind.

Whenever I’m attacked, I wanted to say something but I just couldn’t get the right words out. I just let it slide every time and act as nothing happened. You know, back to the smiling acts. They found one of my weakness and honestly, hurting anybody’s feelings is the last thing I wanna do because I know how it feels.

If you know me, I rarely ever cry. However, I’ve shed more tears this year than I have ever before, they now come out so easily. I feel like its time to let everyone know that I’m not the happy girl I once was, things changed and I’m trying to really hold on. Hoping I won’t do what I replay over and over in my head when I’m sad. At this point, I just need people to stop trying to put me down and make me feel like shit and dumb. I fucking need my life back.

I am attracted to the idea
of your lips
exploring my body
as if it were a map
and you kept getting lost
on purpose.

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Mind blowing.


Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.


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The only thing that will make me happy about myself is changing my lifestyle and dedicating myself to losing x amount of weight and become healthier. I think once I accomplish this, I can accomplish anything. Its going to be hard but its going to be worth it.

The true measure of a man is how he treats you when others are not looking.
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In the past 4 years, I know someone who always have me in the back of his mind, as if I’ve never left. That someone also knows me more than I know myself sometimes and he is someone that makes me really happy. He doesn’t just make me happy, he gives me comfort and shelter me under his loving arms. He’s someone I can call my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover. 

Looking back, I never realized how much we went through together. We started as strangers, to acquaintance, then friends, and now best friend and a couple all together. We fight, we argue, and we makeup.I’m still amaze on how we did all that in one day. I learned so much from this past year about you, myself, and us as a whole. We talked about the future but I was afraid. I was afraid that someday “what if” is going to happen. But you helped me be optimistic and helped me see that the future is going to be alright. When it comes to my struggles in life, you are the best supporter anyone could ask for. You are so amazing at everything you do just to make me be happy. 

It’s only minutes away from our one year and I can honestly say, “we made it.” I no longer have that 6 months curse (lol). You truly are something wonderful and I’m so lucky to have someone like you. Who knew we were bound to be together? I mean… Look at you and look at me. LOLjk! Happy One Year Anniversary, Handsome. I love you so much (more). 

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I cant go on like this anymore…..

I used to be fearless. Now I’m slowly losing it. I’m losing myself.